(#)LOVE…when all else fails.

Don Williams sang these words:
I don’t believe in superstars; organic food and foreign cars
I don’t believe the price of gold; the certainty of growing old
That Right is ‘right’ and Left is ‘wrong’; that North and South can’t get along
That East is ‘east’ and West is ‘west’; and being first is always best…but I believe in LOVE!
He must have had a really long walk through life’s big “question marks”, to have created such a stretch of lyrics beyond regular parameters. It’s a intense energy switch between concepts, per half-sentence.

If you ever get stuck in the flow of life, keeping an eye on tomorrow, do remember the truth in the words of Lighthouse Family in the refrain section of the song, “What Could Be Better?”, below:
I know, inside, there’s a better weather; and the world outside really doesn’t matter. This LOVE inside is a gentle colour…

That’s what it means to

★This article is an excerpt from APOLOGETIX, a psycho-analytical adaptation of Nature’s Cardinals©; intellectual property of Green Tempers Initiative®, of which Damilola MacGregor is a Registered Trustee.




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