Green Tempers Solutions


Many have come to accept, and stick with, the dogma that no person can flourish in more-than-one field of endeavour. That is not absolutely true…

•Ask the COMMUNICATOR who discovers [and harnesses] his “gifts” in Sound Intellect (to engage anyone in meaningful conversation), high prowess for Teaching (to impart knowledge effortlessly to others), a Unique Vocal Tool by which listeners’ attention is gotten and sustained, to mention only a few […one and the same person].

•Ask the RESEARCHER whose lines of ever-expanding interest take him to the extremes of Energy, Environment, Manufacturing, Marine Science Neurology [and Neuro-Linguistics] PhonoChemistry, PhotoChemistry, Psychology [and Psycho-Analysis], Recycling; all in a focus on Nanotechnology […one and the same person]. Yet, (s)he does ALL with the excellence and precision required of others who would rather dedicate their lifetime to just ONE or TWO of the above.

•Ask KING DAVID, by whose ‘CV’ we see what it means to succeed as a Shepherd, a Warrior, a King, etc.

At GreenTempers, we not only DO particular professions; we DO ALL that pertain to fullness of life.
Nanovembers…doing life!

It’s the aim of Green Tempers Solutions to bring sanity back to earth by SUPPRESSING the “misdeed” [represented by atmospheric and character pollution] and then HARNESS it for the good of Humanity and the Environment.
GreenTempers; containing Mother-Nature’s embers!

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